Tim Fitzgerald

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Retain as Spokane County Clerk | R

• Extensive Leadership Experience
• Extensive Executive Level Management
• Extensive Operational & Organizational Management

Why do I want to be your County Clerk?

“Simply Stated, there is no higher calling than serving our community and the public.”


• Bachelor of Arts in History from Virginia Military Institute
• Master of Science in National Resource Strategy from (ICAF) National Defense University

Public Service

• Member, Deer Park Airport Advisory Board
• 30 Years Service in the U.S. Marine Corps retiring as a Colonel
• Veteran of Desert Shield/Desert Storm, Iraq, and Afghanistan
• Member, Spokane Regional Law and Justice Council
• Washington State Clerk Of The Year for 2017
• Operational Staff Member of Spokane Veterans Forum
• RE- Elected to 4 year term Deer Park Airport Advisory Board Member
• Member, Deer Park Rotary
• Member, Spokane Regional Law and Justice Council
• Associate Member, Spokane County Bar Association
• Councilmember, Regional Governance Council
• Legislative Co-Chair of Washington State Clerks Association
• Spokane Home Builders Association
• Washington State Farm Bureau, AGC/SHBA/WSFB



• Squadron Commander in peace time
• Task Force Commander in combat

Executive Level Management

• Chief of Staff (Regional Command-Southwest, Afghanistan) for a 440 person coalition staff comprised of 19 directorates that included legal, finances, administration and executive directorates.

Senior Level Organizational Skills

• Director of Operations (First Marine Expeditionary Force) for a 55,000 person force responsible for manning, training, and equipping this force for missions ranging from peacetime operations to humanitarian assistance and crisis response.

Financial Management

• Allocated and authorized a $300 million dollar budget.

Legal Experience

• Substantial knowledge of legal processes, procedures, and documents.
• Wide range of military court room experience.